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Limbal Relaxing Incisions

Limbal relaxing incisionsCorneal limbal relaxing incisions are partial thickness incisions made in the periphery of the cornea for the treatment of low levels of corneal astigmatism. See Other Options – Limbal Relaxing Incisions. (LRIs) are indicated when a patient presents with low to moderate astigmatismAstigmatism is a condition caused by a cornea that has more than one curvature, similar to a rugby ball. The same image, therefore, focuses on multiple points in front of, on and/or behind the cornea, creating multiple and ghost images. Astigmatism may also be found in association with either myopia or hyperopia, which complicates the condition substantially. See Info on Eyes, Optics and Refractive Errors - Astigmatism..  Small incisions are made at the edge of the corneaThe cornea is the clear, transparent 'front window' of the eye through which light enters the eye. It handles about two-thirds of the focusing power of the eye and is critical for good vision. See Info on Eyes – Anatomy. (in the area where the corneal curvature is the steepest), which relaxes the cornea and allows it to become more rounded when it heals.  This reduces the patient’s dependence on spectacles and contact lenses.  Astigmatism of approximately 3 to 4 diopters can be corrected.  It is a relatively safe procedure and is often combined with cataractA cataract forms when the natural lens in the eye is, or is starting to become, opaque. If not treated, it can lead to blindness, which in most cases can be treated. See Cataract Centre – Understanding Cataracts. surgery to reduce astigmatism.

Placement of LRIs on the edge of the cornea

Placement of LRIs on the edge of the cornea