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Financing of Laser Treatments

Free Screening

The first step to eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses is to visit the Optimed Eye and Laser Clinic in Pretoria for a free consultation.  Here you can learn about the options that best suit your needs to correct your vision.

Dr Potgieter offers a free screening consultation for each potential laser candidate to determine which type of refractive treatment is the best for vision correction.  The most common mistake prospective laser patients can make is to decide that they want a laser correctionA laser correction is the permanent reshaping of a cornea with a deficient curvature by laser to improve vision. See Laser Vision – About Laser Vision Correction. for their eyes before they really know their options. 

The first step is to find out if you are a candidate for laser treatment and, if you are, for which treatment.  What are your odds for success?  Are you a good candidate?  For this very reason, we offer a free consultation.

This is probably the most important money you don't have to spend – ever!  We will measure your eyes and, in a relaxed, private consultation, go over your options, answer your questions and address your concerns.  You can then take your time to make an informed decision about what is best for you.

If, after the screening visit, you decide to proceed with laser or another refractive treatment, you will need to come in again so that we can gather all the required data to determine the exact parameters for treatment.  For this comprehensive visit, a consultation fee is applicable.

Alternatively, you may book directly for such a comprehensive visit.

Cost of Laser Treatments

During your free consultation, you will learn more about the cost of laser treatments and other refractive surgery options.  The costs vary and depend on the procedure that is best suited to correct your vision.  If your medical scheme covers this type of treatment, we can provide you with a motivation letter and quote you can submit to them.

Our Costs

When shopping for price, make sure that you get the whole picture and not just a ‘bait and switch’ quote.  Does the quoted price include everything - the laser treatment fees, theatre cost and the after care?

Your screening visit at Optimed is free.  The comprehensive screening consultation and the actual laser procedure are charged separately. 

The pre-operative visit is charged according to what is required for a complete work-up, while our price for the laser procedure is all-inclusive.  The total amount will depend on the type of procedure.  One price covers the surgery and follow-up for the first six months.  

We may not be the cheapest, but we strive to be the best.  

Remember that you get what you pay for.  So potential laser candidates shopping for the cheapest price should bear in mind that they are bargain-hunting for one of the most important things in their lives – their vision.

Financing of Laser Treatments

The total cost of a laser treatment or other refractive surgery procedure is not the only question you should ask concerning the affordability of a refractive treatment.  There are other equally important questions you need to ask and options about which you need to know.  

Call to learn more about these and the financing options we offer for laser treatments and other types of refractive surgery.